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Astro Parade Float Materials Ltd.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting
Price: $10.50 - $95.00

Standard Vinyl Floral Sheeting is used to cover large areas of your float such as the deck and structures.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting Metallic
Price: $13.00 - $120.00

Use Metallic Floral Sheeting to cover large areas of your float, metallic adds extra sparkle and bling.

Select Options » Petal Sheeting Metallic
Price: $12.50 - $125.00

For a different look, this Metallic Floral Sheeting has 'fingers' of petals.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting Novelty
Price: $14.30 - $133.00

Candy Cane, Mardi Gras, Prismatic/Holographic, Rainbow, Red-White-Blue, Snowstorm, Opalescent.

Select Options » Grass Mats
Price: $9.50 - $135.00

Sheeting is used to create the appearance of grass.

Select Options » Corrugated Wrap
Price: $45.00

Two popular patterns - Red Brick and Greystone - to cover structures on float.