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Astro Parade Float Materials

Select Options » Pompoms - Standard

Get your team poofing up these pom-poms!  Great for vehicles and trailers.  25 to a package, great value. 

Select Options » Pompoms - Metallic

Add a puff of metallic color on your float or car.  Can be attached with car tape, double sided tape, cable ties or twist ties.  About 4" in diameter.

Select Options » Car Tape

Use to attach Pom-poms to vehicles or trailer.

Select Options » Cut-Out Letters - Glittered

Glittered Cut-Out Letters come in 7 different metallic colors and are used on the backdrop or float sides to name your theme, organization, or event.

Select Options » Cut-Out Letters - Painted

Painted or Plain White Cut-Out Letters are used on backdrop or float sides to name your theme, organization or event

Select Options » Metallic Vinyl Film

A jewel like appearance can be obtained by crinkling the film.  Staple to solid surfaces or wrap structures with it.