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Astro Parade Float Materials

Select Options » Fringe Standard Colors

This high quality 2-ply fringe is the all important skirting you need to give your float the appearance of gliding.  10' length x 15" drop.

Select Options » Fringe Metallic Colors

Shiny metallic fringe adds sparkle to your float, good for night parades.  Top with Twist to add finishing touch.  10' length x 15" drop.

Select Options » Fringe Novelty Colors

Rainbow, Red/White, Red/White/Blue, Opalescent, Holographic, Mardi Gras.

Select Options » Fringe Extra Long Standard Colors

Extra-long Fringe is ideally used for high trailer beds.  Eight colors to choose from.

Select Options » Fringe Extra Long Metallic Colors

Great for raised trailer decks, 12' long x 30" drop, made of flame-resistant, 2-ply vinyl.

Select Options » Fringe Extra Long Metallic Crinkle

Faceted fringe reflects and shines, easy to manage 3' lengths x 30" drop.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting - Standard Colors

Standard Vinyl Floral Sheeting is used to cover large areas of your float such as the deck and structures.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting - Metallic Colors

Use Metallic Floral Sheeting to cover large areas of your float, metallic adds extra sparkle and bling.

Select Options » Petal Sheeting - Metallic Colors

For a different look, this Metallic Floral Sheeting has 'fingers' of petals.

Select Options » Floral Sheeting - Novelty Colors

Candy Cane, Mardi Gras, Prismatic/Holographic, Rainbow, Red-White-Blue, Snowstorm, Opalescent.

Select Options » Grass Mats

Sheeting is used to create the appearance of grass.

Select Options » Corrugated Wrap

Two popular patterns - Red Brick and Greystone - to cover structures on float.

Select Options » Twist - Wide Cut Standard Colors

Use Twist to define and shape: at the edges of deck, on top of fringe bias, around signs, between colors, on backdrop, around poles, etc.  25' length.

Select Options » Twist - Wide Cut Metallic Colors

Use Metallic Twist for extra sparkle and shine, very eye-catching.  Use anywhere you need to emphasize shape or structure.  25' length.

Select Options » Festooning - Metallic

Similar to Twist, but a thicker, sturdier rope of flower petals.  It can be bent into and around shapes such as large stars or poles.  Six metallic colors.  24' length.

Select Options » Festooning - Standard

Similar to Twist, but gives a different look to your float.  Best described as a thick rope of flower petals.  Thirteen colors.  24' length.

Select Options » Twist - Fine Cut Standard Colors

Fine-Cut Twist is used for a more delicate look such as around signs or slight defining of shapes.  For the budget minded.  25' length.

Select Options » Twist - Fine Cut Metallic Colors

Fine-Cut Metallic Twist adds shiny bling to your float such as around signs or structures.  25' length.

Select Options » Pompoms - Standard

Get your team poofing up these pom-poms!  Great for vehicles and trailers.  25 to a package, great value. 

Select Options » Pompoms - Metallic

Add a puff of metallic color on your float or car.  Can be attached with car tape, double sided tape, cable ties or twist ties.  About 4" in diameter.

Select Options » Car Tape

Use to attach Pom-poms to vehicles or trailer.

Select Options » Cut-Out Letters - Glittered

Glittered Cut-Out Letters come in 7 different metallic colors and are used on the backdrop or float sides to name your theme, organization, or event.

Select Options » Cut-Out Letters - Painted

Painted or Plain White Cut-Out Letters are used on backdrop or float sides to name your theme, organization or event

Select Options » Metallic Vinyl Film

A jewel like appearance can be obtained by crinkling the film.  Staple to solid surfaces or wrap structures with it.

Select Options » Double Sided Tape

Where it is impossible to staple, use double sided tape on vehicles or metal trailers to attach decorations. 


Select Options » Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape can be used to adhere decorations such a fringe to a metal trailer or car.

Select Options » Pennants

Line your parade route with pennants or use on your float.  Cost effective way to represent any kind of event.  Multi-Colored, Red/White, Orange/White.

Select Options » Glitter

Bright flakes of Glitter can be applied over glue or paint for attractive effects on Cut Out Letters.  Nine metallic colors.

Select Options » Sequin Sheeting

Displays different colors when viewed at different angles.  Use it to create scales, water, jewels, etc.  8" x 30' length.

Float Design Patterns

Scaled Carpenters Drawings assist in construction of float structures.  See our Float Design Page for a complete list.  Call 1-800-665-5110 for a more detailed explanation of each design or a quote.

Select Options » Shapes -

Different shapes cut from coroplast that can be plain, painted or glittered:  Circles, Stars, Crowns, Diamonds, Maple Leaf.