Astro Parade Float Materials Ltd. - Float Materials - Winnipeg Manitoba
Astro Parade Float Materials Ltd. - Floral Sheeting - Winnipeg Manitoba

Welcome to Astro Parade!

For over forty years, Astro Parade Float Materials Ltd. has been serving Canadians by designing and constructing award-winning parade floats as well as providing consultation, plans and materials for the do-it-yourselfer. We supply all of the decorating materials required including floral sheeting, vinyl twist, fringe, signs and cut-out letters in a wide array of colors.

Everybody loves a parade and everybody benefits! A parade attracts people like bees to honey. Small town or large city, a parade is a spectacle... colorful and exciting. It generally kicks off a celebration, festival, or fair. It generates the excitement necessary to make the public receptive to subsequent festive activities.