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Choose from over one hundred spectacular designs. Each design contains the parade decor needed and Scaled Carpenter Drawings to assist in the construction of backdrops, structures and apron sides. Drawings are scaled to 1″ = 1′ and show top, side and back view in detail. Lumber and plywood requirements can be calculated from the drawings. We can quote on and provide the decorations (Floral Sheeting, Fringe, Letters and Twist) and advise on construction. All signs, banners, props, inflatables, flags, flowers etc. must be sourced locally. The average size is based on a trailer of 7′ wide x 20′ long. If your trailer is bigger or smaller, the decorations can be adjusted to your specific dimensions. Colours can be changed to suit your organization or theme. Please call or email for questions or a quote.

Contact us for a quote or call 1-800-665-5110 for further details.

Individual Carpenter Drawings of the floats below can be purchased here.